Become a One Academy tutor and earn money using one (or more) of these options.

Tutoring Sessions

Let students book you online for a one-on-one one-hour tutoring session. No need to worry about sending a link and sorting out bank payments. Sessions are booked and paid for with a few clicks.

Online Courses

Let us help you create an engaging course that students can purchase and work through in their own time.


Teach an online class of up to ten students. We provide the platform and students.


We're always looking for teachers who will showcase our platform and programmes to students. We offer great reward packages for student referrals.


Earn Online: Tutoring & Courses

Whether it's courses or tutor sessions, by providing online learning with One Academy, you can earn additional income every month. Use our calculator to see how much you could be earning from course or tutor sessions each month. *One Academy will charge a small fee to utilise our platform.

Total Course
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Earn by referring students

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Teacher Ambassadors

Our current ambassador programme is for Careers Unlocked, an online learning programme that provides 16 to 20-year-olds with employable skills in IT, accounting, business, and industrial technology. Refer students and get rewards!

Learn at One Academy

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Upskill With Us

One Academy supports you with courses to advance your earning potential and skills. Whether marketing courses to help promote your tutoring services or professional development courses to improve your pedagogy, One Academy will be the hub for online learning for teachers throughout Jamaica in 2023.

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